Problem with blockada + and kik messenger

Hello I’m a new member of Blokada + and I have a question

Blokada is very nice Block the Ads and Ads in the kik messenger. When I start Blokada? Then kik messenger dont work. I think kik dont allowed another GPS places?
When Blokada is running kik work when Blokada + is running kik dont work.

Pls anyone can help me or have some ideas?
I dont use the Google play lite Version I use the normal apk from Blokada site.

Greetings from Germany


Hello Robin,
It is possible that Kik blocks VPN servers. Unfortunately, there is no other option than to either exclude Kik from blokada or turn off blokada+.

Hallo Robin,
Es ist möglich, dass Kik VPN Server sperrt. Leider gibt es dann keine andere Möglichkeit als Kik entweder von blokada auszunehmen oder blokada+ auszuschalten.

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Thanks a lot, is there an option to take of the Blokada + on kik app maybe in settings :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

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Welcome to the Blokada community!

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Yes or not? Anyone can help me?

Explicitly just for Blokada plus?
No. You can only generally exclude the app from adblocking and vpn