Problem with blockada + and kik messenger

Hello I’m a new member of Blokada + and I have a question

Blokada is very nice Block the Ads and Ads in the kik messenger. When I start Blokada? Then kik messenger dont work. I think kik dont allowed another GPS places?
When Blokada is running kik work when Blokada + is running kik dont work.

Pls anyone can help me or have some ideas?
I dont use the Google play lite Version I use the normal apk from Blokada site.

Greetings from Germany


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Hello Robin,
It is possible that Kik blocks VPN servers. Unfortunately, there is no other option than to either exclude Kik from blokada or turn off blokada+.

Hallo Robin,
Es ist möglich, dass Kik VPN Server sperrt. Leider gibt es dann keine andere Möglichkeit als Kik entweder von blokada auszunehmen oder blokada+ auszuschalten.

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Thanks a lot, is there an option to take of the Blokada + on kik app maybe in settings :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

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Welcome to the Blokada community!

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Yes or not? Anyone can help me?

Explicitly just for Blokada plus?
No. You can only generally exclude the app from adblocking and vpn

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