Platforms vote results

During May we’ve been running the platforms vote, which is part of my strategic planning of the Blokada future. Needless to say, this is very long term, since there’s a lot of things to implement on Android still, but, it’s always good to check what do you think. Especially because you are always keen on giving your feedback. :slight_smile:

This time we had 1039 responses , which is much more than before, although this survey was running for longer time than the previous ones. This was a multiple choice survey, so one participant could vote on more than one feature (and there was no maximum limit). In total, there was 2595 votes . Unsurprisingly Android was your top choice. I included it in the survey as a sanity check mostly ;).

What is interesting though, is the fact that you rank Windows (23%), and Linux (16%) so high. This is a good sign for future expansion of Blokada, although for the foreseeable future I plan to put the focus on mobile platforms. From this perspective, it’s good to see that Android TV / Fire stick got a decent amount of votes (14%), even more than iOS (13%).

The second question was meant to probe the popularity of iOS among you. This was an optional question, although 1010 participants responded to it (almost everyone). Almost half of you (48%) said to be using an iOS device or have someone close who is using it. This is great news for a potential future expansion of Blokada to iOS.

Again, thank you for so active participation in another general voting of our community. The next survey is already online, and I encourage you to take part in it!