Pages do not show the default layout when returning for the first time but after the second


This is about the new version of Blokada 6 23.4.23 downloaded from Play Store. The device is a Shift6mq running the official OS with Android 10.

On any page when and entering a sub page the page remains visible when switching to another page and back. Switching again to another page and back to settings the default is retained. This probably happens in all possible combinations. On the Home page, Advanced page and the Settings page. It does not happen on the Activity page as there it is not possible to switch the page because the bottom frame for switching is not accessible there.

Please find the attached gif to illustrate the issue. Here I start on the Activity page then go to the Settings page and from here select This device. Then I switch back to Activity and return to Settings which still shows This device. Then I repeat the page switching and when coming back for the second time to Settings it shows the initial interface.


This is a little confusing and probably not intended.

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Thanks for the report and accompanying screen recording!
Indeed this doesn’t work as intended, we will take this with us to be fixed the coming updates.

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