App freezes after opening browser links


This is about the new version of Blokada 6 23.4.23 downloaded from Play Store. The device is a Shift6mq running the official OS with Android 10.

The App freezes after returning to other settings from links opened with the browser. This happens reproducable when e.g. going to “Settings > This device > Start on boot”. Going back after the forum entry opened and then entering “Settings > This device > App theme” freezes the App. Happens also for other links opened within the App and entering other settings afterwards.

Can provide logs if required.

With 23.4.29 it doesn’t freeze but crash immediately.

Just want to know if this is reproducable. As mentioned I could provide logs if this is helpful.

BTW any reason topics are autoclosed after 7 days. This somehow forces to post again so it does not get closed. Else if the problem persists, a duplicate post must be created.


Sorry for the late reply!
And thank you for continuing to provide useful feedback :slight_smile:

I’m not able to give you a timeline but we will certainly looking into this and the crashes in the recent version.


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