NEW RELEASE! Blokada v22.4.19

On the latest release v22.4.14, we made major improvements to the connectivity and promised that we will be improving it further over the next few weeks. We kept our promise and were able to improve Blokada 5 & 6 and you should be able to notice major improvements in that regard.

The changes are structured as the following:

  • Android v5: Blokada 22.4.19 is available on
  • Android v6: Blokada 22.4.19 will be available in the next few days and waiting for Google’s approval
  • iOS: Blokada 22.4.18 is available on App Store

Blokada 5 & 6 (22.4.19):

Blokada 6 v22.4.19, includes the new tunnel engine with greater stability and speed. The new tunnel will be fixing the majority of connectivity and speed issues you may have been experiencing. Blokada 5 v22.4.19 also includes a lot of the tunnel engine work and you should be able to notice a significant improvement.

As always this release also came with updated blocklists.

Blokada on iOS (22.4.18):

Blokada 6 v22.4.18 came with minor bug fixes and logging improvements.

The usual notes

You can perform a test of your adblocking configuration by visiting this link:

As usual, we updated the blocklists and translations. We also made some minor bug fixes. More in the changelog.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy using Blokada!

Hope you are well!

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It seems the problem is still there, connection gets stuck after a while, starting/stopping makes it work again for another time slot.


I agree with Luke the problem still is present. I also have problems with choosing any advanced feature I’m not able to pick any I get the messages oops a problem occurred fix it buddy

@Karol @Reda_Labdaoui

Blokada app keeps restarting with this version (according to the VPN icon). I didn’t have any connectivity issues until this version (I think v22.4.14 was ok but I’m not sure).
I’m with Blokada 5 on Oneplus 7T (Android 11).

Can you please share download link to previous versions? 22.4.1 or 22.3.8


It seems like the workaround introduced doesn’t work well on all devices. You may find 22.4.14 links here:

Also Blokada 6 from Play will work fine since it’s using a different mechanism.

I’ll be making another release that rolls back the workaround shortly.

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I sent you the logs to
I hope it helps…

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We’ve had some trouble with the blocklists, everything is back working fine now. You may need to swipe close the app and start it again. Sorry for the inconvenience!