Lost Blokada ID

to make posting more easy, we created a guideline for you:
Please always include which platform you are on: Android or iOS. If you have a question about features feel welcome to ask it - if you face a problem, please follow this template:

Title: please select a meaningful title!
e.g. Blokada for Android doesn’t block ads in my-little-farm-animals app

To directly help you the best way possible please provide the following information:

  1. Where did you download Blokada from? chrome on windows 11
  2. Which device do you use? Do you use a custom ROM? Do you know which OS version you are using? laptop - windows 11
  3. Please explain the issue as detailed as possible. Also include patterns you observed (like ‘it only happens on wifi’). The more information the better. I lost my account ID. thought I saved it. I have the log file on my local drive.
  4. Since when are you facing this issue? I just created an account today. I am able to access the VPN. but don’t have account ID
  5. Did you already try to solve the issue somehow? If so: please state what you did.


Please contact the chat bot from within the app or send an email to hello@blokada.org and we will help you with restoring your account :slight_smile: