Logging breaches privacy

I just downloaded the APK from this domain and installed and activated it on my Android 11 OnePlus phone.

I then visited a mildly-dodgy site in a private tab in the DuckDuckGo browser app. I then closed DDG.

The dodgy site’s domain is now shown in Blokada’s logs, which are visible to anyone with access to the device; defeating the purpose of using a private browsing tab.

Suppose, for example, the user has an abusive spouse who checks their phone, so they rely on private browsing.

Solutions to this issue could be:

  • make logging optional
  • make it possible to exclude certain apps from logging
  • make the log editable
  • make the log deletable (entirely or in part)
  • make it possible to suspend logging for set periods

Hi there,
That’s already possible. Open the activity tab, press the “three dots button” in the upper right corner of the screen and choose “clear”.

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