Keep the Design UI of Version 4 - Version 5 Bad Design UI - Is it 2020?

Version 5 update is really bad in general. Navigation is too complex.
And now it looks more like a VPN upgrade app instead of an ad blocker.

Keep the UI of version 4. It’s more simple and provides in depth info and stats.

Hope someone can take some steps soon.


The v5 UI will stay.
Unluckily we cannot make every user satisfied with our designs.
First they wanted the V3 design back, now some want the V4 design back.
V5 follows all android guidelines of material design and hence looks more uniform.


Just getting v5 to block ads would be a huge improvement. I’ll stick to 4 thanks

What im trying to say is version 4 is able to provide a condensed layout with ability to have more features in one window. This is great to be honest.

Version has various windows to do the same. Not only users are greeted with a big start button but also even the as block lists have been assigned icons. All these take more space increasing scrolling and navigation time.

Version 4 is pretty simple and more meaningful with easy and well designed rectangular boxes for users to choose from. Not only that it has much better navigation but also a really nice way of greeting users with settings.

Listen to users and conduct a poll if you can.

PS. Material design came years prior and should not become the only reason to switch to version 5.

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V5 is bound to stay for now.
User feedback has been and is positive in the majority. We do listen to our users and already made slight improvements to the UI. Future improvements will happen but you will not get the V4 or V3 design back. User feedback regarding the V4 UI consisted of complains about it being overloaded and overwhelming.
As I said: The general v5 UI will stay. But small adjustments are always possible. Feel free to provide your ideas for the current design

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Surely will do. Hope you don’t take away the option to use version 4 or even 3 from users who’d like to use them.

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You’ll always find older versions in the archive :slight_smile:

The design of Blokada 5 is great. Forward development is good. Some just always want to ride a bike.