Keep the Design UI of Version 4 - Version 5 Bad Design UI - Is it 2020?

Version 5 update is really bad in general. Navigation is too complex.
And now it looks more like a VPN upgrade app instead of an ad blocker.

Keep the UI of version 4. It’s more simple and provides in depth info and stats.

Hope someone can take some steps soon.


The v5 UI will stay.
Unluckily we cannot make every user satisfied with our designs.
First they wanted the V3 design back, now some want the V4 design back.
V5 follows all android guidelines of material design and hence looks more uniform.


Just getting v5 to block ads would be a huge improvement. I’ll stick to 4 thanks

What im trying to say is version 4 is able to provide a condensed layout with ability to have more features in one window. This is great to be honest.

Version has various windows to do the same. Not only users are greeted with a big start button but also even the as block lists have been assigned icons. All these take more space increasing scrolling and navigation time.

Version 4 is pretty simple and more meaningful with easy and well designed rectangular boxes for users to choose from. Not only that it has much better navigation but also a really nice way of greeting users with settings.

Listen to users and conduct a poll if you can.

PS. Material design came years prior and should not become the only reason to switch to version 5.

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V5 is bound to stay for now.
User feedback has been and is positive in the majority. We do listen to our users and already made slight improvements to the UI. Future improvements will happen but you will not get the V4 or V3 design back. User feedback regarding the V4 UI consisted of complains about it being overloaded and overwhelming.
As I said: The general v5 UI will stay. But small adjustments are always possible. Feel free to provide your ideas for the current design

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Surely will do. Hope you don’t take away the option to use version 4 or even 3 from users who’d like to use them.

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You’ll always find older versions in the archive :slight_smile:

The design of Blokada 5 is great. Forward development is good. Some just always want to ride a bike.


Lol. No. V4 was much better and not just in appearance but also in functionality.

OK! New UI, everyone must adapt to changes as per the rule of life.

But? What’s this now
On my android 7 I get DNS/ENCRYPTION page in full control to enable VPN on chosen DNS.

While on newer Android 11 I get JUST to choose DNS and a red indicator that says NO ENCRYPTION?

That’s what you’ve done? So much hard work no?

And since you love to ruffle others instead of being honest and politely accepting mistakes, here are the screenshots:

Old android Blockada 5 : Screenshot, 2021-02-06 08:15:35 - Paste.Pics

Android 11 (new) Same version of Blokada 5 :

See and think what you do.

I just am using it since 10 minutes, there might be many such issues.
When you do things inside app and then press back button/gesture :joy_cat: oh my God, it goes back to each thing you tapped instead of exiting. If you did a lot of work inside app then keep pressing back for an hour, it will keep navigating back and forth. Great! And you’re bullying users who are trying to suggest.

That’s… Normal android app behaviour. :slight_smile:

That’s due to the fact that Uncensored DNS isn’t a DoH dns. Dns servers supporting DoH are indicated using the “lock” symbol in front of the DNS name as shown below:

That’s still possible if you’re using our in-built VPN client Blokada Plus

Still unjustified :joy_cat:

Rest of the things, it’s absolutely no sense when the app gives different options on different android versions and worse and more limited options on NEWER versions.

But apart from that, the way you said NORMAL ANDROID BEHAVIOUR?

Suppose there’s an app

I went to app menu like
Home, A, B, C

All have sub menus like A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2 and C3

I navigated


Now what is normal Android behaviour?

Press BACK>reach home>press BACK>exit the app.

But no! For you now the normal Android behaviour is to press BACK 11 times and you’ll be taken to each menu/sub menu you visited in the app in the process before coming back to the Home menu finally and then one extra tap at BACK.


I’ve never seen such a stubbornness from any app devs. If you’re not a dev then that’s a different story, but if you are, you need to learn maturity.

We’re always looking to improve our application but we need properly voiced, constructive feedback.
I do get what you’re saying by now the “back” functionality is something that can always be adjusted I the future.
We didn’t limit the functionality of v5 though. I can’t follow your thoughts on this one as of right now.
V5 started with a pretty narrow functionality and gets improved steadily. New features like the “networks” feature are being added for example.
Again: the general design of v5 is bound to stay. It offers many more opportunities to add new features in the future and follows all Google guidelines on material design. It has an entirely new engine working beneath the hood as well which might still need some work to be done but offers more flexibility and features.
Finally I would like to urge you to treat everyone’s opinions and statements in this forum with respect, no matter his or hers involvement in the project.
Blokada is an open source project, feel free to contribute and make it yours :smiley:

Progress is being made. We’re actively adapting the design but the general concept will stay (for now)

Last two are much better replies.

User says: PROBLEM


Is not the attitude of a team member.

It will be improved and feedbacks will be analysed is a response that people look for.