Is v5 abandoned and is v6 self-hostable?


I installed Blokada on a friend’s Android years ago, for some reason someone else uninstalled it without his consent and when trying to reinstall it, he stumbled on the paid version from the Play Store.

As he was telling me this at the restaurant yesterday, I told him with total confidence that whatever he saw on the Play Store must be fake, because Blokada is a 100% FLOSS project that does its job too well for Google to approve it, a situation which malicious people take advantage of.

But I just found out I lied (even though by ignorance), seeing this morning the official Blokada website promotes a paid v6.

However, v5 still being listed, I hoped it would still he maintained therefore I could still recommend him to install it, but then I noticed the last update is more than a year old.

So, is it abandoned ?

Also, is the server-side of v6 FLOSS and self-hostable ?


Hey there,

Thanks for posting and recommending Blokada to your friends, Blokada 5 will still be maintained and it is not abandoned but it will have no new features in the future like Blokada 6. Also, it is free and will always remain free.

Blokada 6 is a more stable version and comes with a free trial of 7 days to test it out.

Here’s a quick guide I shared about the differences between Blokada 5 & 6:

That’s not what I’m seeing here : Releases · blokadaorg/five-android · GitHub

So, stability is considered a feature not to be implemented, rather than the lack thereof considered a bug to be fixed ?

This doesn’t indicate whether the server-side of v6 is FLOSS and self-hostable.