Introducing hBlock blocklist

Starting with Blokada v5.11, and v4.12, a new blocklist is available in Blokada: hBlock.

Credits: hBlock.

What is it?

hBlock is a POSIX-compliant shell script that gets a list of domains that serve ads, tracking scripts and malware from multiple sources and creates a hosts file, among other formats, that prevents your system from connecting to them.

Learn more about the available blocklists here.

How to use it?

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 5):

  • Open “Advanced” tab
  • Tap “Blocklists”, then “All”
  • Find “hBlock” , and activate it

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 4):

  • Open the bottom menu
  • Navigate to Adblocking → Host Lists
  • Find “hBlock”, and activate it

In order to activate it on iOS:

  • Open “Advanced” tab, then “All”
  • Find “hBlock”, and activate it

hBlock doesn’t work for me, i get the error “Could not install (or uninstall) this feature. Please try again later”

Hi there,
Try that again in a few minutes/hours

Still doesn’t work but i will keep trying

From one guy who maintains block lists and a set of related shell scripts to another, I just wanted to say that hBlock is a wonderful project. If I wasn’t invested in using and maintaining my own software for the same purposes, hBlock would be my go-to. It’s great to see other creative, flexible, and FOSS shell script-based solutions in this space.


Youtube videos will stop being saved on your youtube history if you use this list, you will also not be able to resume videos from where you left off

allow in order to fix this


Please Add hBlock Hosts.
Because,I want to know how hBlock got 97% good rating with which hosts🙂

Request to add Disconnect block list

DNS over https or dns over TLS address of blokada dns

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Thank you for this list.
Please consider adding the wildcards variant too. Second in their main page:

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