Introducing Beta Testing for Blokada Family on iOS! 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce the beta testing phase for our newest app, Blokada Family, exclusively for iOS users! This version of Blokada is specially designed with families in mind, offering enhanced features that focus on safe and controlled internet browsing for your loved ones. During the beta testing phase, all features are completely free to use!

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: What’s New in Blokada Family?*

Blokada Family builds on the robust foundation of Blokada 6 but with added functionalities tailored for family use:

  • Parental Controls: Take charge of your children’s online safety with customizable controls to block inappropriate websites and apps.
  • Device Linking and Management: Easily link and manage your children’s devices, keeping track of their online activities and ensuring their digital safety.
  • Safe Browsing for Children: Implements strict filtering on search engines to safeguard against explicit content. Ensure your children are exposed to only age-appropriate content.
  • Activity Monitoring: Monitor the websites accessed by your children, providing transparency and peace of mind.
  • Malware Protection: Enhanced security measures to protect your family from malicious sites, viruses, and fraudulent activities.
  • Curated Shields: Block access to categories like Social Media, Gambling, Online Gaming, Adult Content, Video Streaming Apps, and more.

Join the Beta Test

We’re excited to have you on board for this important phase. To join the beta testing of Blokada Family, leave us a comment down below and we’ll make sure to share the link with you. We’ll share a link publicly over the next few days!

Please note that while all features are free during testing, accounts will expire early.

Your feedback is crucial in helping us refine and perfect the Blokada Family before the official launch.
We look forward to your participation and valuable insights!

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Hi! I want to test it!

Join the beta testing using this link: Join the Blokada Family beta - TestFlight - Apple

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I would like to test it !

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@Tammy were you able to access it via the link?