Huh, I do believe I owe a bit of special thanks

Past 18 months or so there has been a little behind the scene choas in my life.

A simple sign in alert and suddenly im turning of the router wifi, securing accounts from. A different location checking logs.

Few months ago, rather horrible actually… id sign in and immediately “unknown Android device” with a generalized location equal to my STATE (wow good job logs :roll_eyes:)
In process good new is got them out of my accounts the bad news, i can’t get into the account. :expressionless:
All I really know is my works public wifi was copied and actually renamed while I was connected leading to me having a second wifi network saved and god knows what data gifted away.

But again recently.
Sadly, MY HOME (not far from work actually sooo…yeah)
But, only one minor account involving social media cause I dropped the Shields for ya know, social media… :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m bit older, I remember times when internet didn’t reach suburbs and still have haunting dreams of 56k screech and dial.
Back then a VPN was something you MIGHT use for certain specific jobs, a proxy was used at school to see boobs of a celebrity or a dismemberment or, ILLEGAL AF stuff.
Now its really a must have.

Any way, personal life had a lot going on and when you add very personal direct attacks it really sets of that paranoia. Was it the job that fired for whistle blowing? Maybe the ex-wofe who decided be dumb and go for child support without the kid? A mad neighbor?
What do they have/not have?

Spoofed phone numbers, crazy garbled text (leading lear about some spy apps, just wow), and suddenly I’m meeting a ridiculous sum of women who are also just people stealing only fans photos and have some shockingly specific questions; what was your mom’s base? High-school mascot? Look at the photo of your dog what’s his name?

And most recent, some iffy logins. Desynced 2FA and a “kid in europe” sending me some photos of…kids :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(No worries, already had police report, and just sent the info to add to it all that jazz.

I just learned I may have gotten forgotten when a banking app was breach right around start of the original incident giving; full name, address, GPS info, birthday, password (yeahni was reusing shush) etc.

No accounts banking wise were attacked but parties have been super heavy gishing=selling data.

But this time, my data intercepted was encrypted so they get far less, my DNS encrypted so they aren’t 100% sure where I was looking. The weird unknown logins aren’t confuse leading to me because I don’t appear from texas any more…

I’ve definitely used if for privacy but haven’t tried be too crazy so not so private big brother cant just figure it out. But average Joe man in the middle sure looks like an a-

Thanks for saving my info, and helping show i didn’t deserve a door kick looking for missing kids all at a rather incredible price for a VPN service.


Thanks for the appreciation and for supporting Blokada by using Blokada Plus :slight_smile:
Stay safe and make sure to keep your WiFi routers up to date, even though the devices that are using Plus will not be affected by any middle man attacks.

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I did far worse…left it how the company delivered because we had a short period of managed by them…

Basic my name and a value anyone who knew me would undoubtedly have…im dumb.