How to get Blokada5+ working with Syncthing?

Syncing folders on my Android 10 Fairphone 3 with my Windows 10 computer works fine while using Blokada5. Upgrading to Blokada5+ and switching to plus in the app, syncing doesn’t work anymore. I also completely turned off the app using blokada via wireguard on my computer and my fairphone. My syncing connection is immediately interrupted turning on wireguard vpn on one of my devices. Is there any chance to get syncing via syncthing working while using the blokada wireguard vpn?

Hi there,

Unfortunately I cannot really follow you here. Could you please rephrase that?

It might be possible syncthing blocklists vpn server ips hence rendering the app useless as long as plus is active. That’s just a thought in advance for now

Buddy, you just posted private and confidential information on a public forum.
That’s a no-no.
Don’t mind if I delete that

Yes, of course. Thanks a lot. Don’t know why I didn’t think about that. ( I only thought about the vpn credentials.)

Ok, I rephrase that sentence: I deactivated the blokada android app, while switching on my wireguard android app using blokada vpn. (As far as I understood this is recommended anyway.)

I’ve tried to find a solution in syncthing forum as well. But it looks quite complicated to me as a non professional

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