Frequent "crashing" of Blokada 5 (Android) and Notification of Inactive Subscription

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After a recent update within the app, Blokada 5 seems to crash frequently where I would get a pop up telling me that Blokada 5 is not responding and whether I would like to Close the App or Wait. I am using a Samsung S22 Ultra with the most current stock firmware (Android 12 ATT variant). Further occasionally I would get a pop up telling me that my Subscription is inactive and that ad blocking is disabled. After dismissing those messages, it seems to continue to operate… until the next time it crashes. Interesting thing - if I close “Close the App” - the app doesn’t actually close. Is anyone else experiencing this? Also, is a subscription required now? I thought Blokada 5 was still free and ite was Blokada 6 that is subscription based?

Anyway, I decided to download it again from the site and installed anew to see if the problems would go away, but they seem to persist. This only started to happen with the update I did a few days ago. It seems to continue to work after dismissing these popups, but then the ‘crash’ will happen again. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Hi there,

Can you please share the log with me privately or at


Yes, I am also having these exact same problems many times per day with Blokada 5.
Downloaded from Blokada org.
Sky Devices Elite G55, Android 11.

Today I uninstalled it and downloaded version 22Q3F but it still crashes.

I thought it might be my device until I looked here and saw someone else with a much better device having the same issues.
I’ll try sending a log.


Same issue here on my Oneplus 9 running on Android 12.

Updated to the latest version of Blokada recently and Blokada will just crashes on its own.

I’ve enabled “Always On VPN” and disabled battery optimisation but it’ll still crash , especially when my device goes to sleep. My device will wake with the key (VPN) symbol missing from the notification bar and I will have to manually launch Blokada.

It has never happened to previous versions of Blokada until the latest update.

Hi, can you please confirm here if the issue has been indeed solved with the latest update (22Q3F)?


I have the same issue on Samsung A50 Android 11. I have been using Blokada for many years and never had this issue before. Subscription inactive, app crashing constantly, issue is not fixed with latest update.

@Julie can you please share the log at ?


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Same here with the latest updated version of Blokada 5 (22Q3D) as described in previous posts. When trying to share the log (share to email or to file), it seems Blokada just adds about 4 to 5 lines of the log. I’m also unable to copy the text from the “View Logs”.

The latest version of Blokada is actually 22q3f. The download page never indicates a newer version, but it was 22q3f that enabled installing on my Android 8.1 phone. Try downloading that… and another thing… you don’t need to uninstall Blokada to install 22q3f.

Good catch. And there’s even an updated release from earlier today: installed 22.3.7.

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Thanks. I found that shortly after posting and updated one reply i made, but forgot this one.

Hello Reda,

I sent my log and got a response “request received”.
After installing v. 22Q3F the crashes stopped for about a day, then resumed as before. At times the pop-up occurs every few minutes.
Is there any new info on this issue?

Thank you.

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Ok, it looks like I resolved the issue. I cleared the cache/data of Blokada app, and then uninstalled it. Then I downloaded the latest version 22Q3F and installed it. It seems to have resolved the issue and I haven’t had the problems again. I suspect maybe installing the new version over the old version created the problems this time, so I decided to manually uninstall and reinstall the new version and it seems to have resolved this. Maybe give this a try?

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