Error vpn cfg


I’m trying to generate a VPN config accessing blokada dashboard via chrome on my iPhone (same issue on Chrome in windows).
I’m already a cloud member (since now it’s the only way…) and as you can see from the screens a error is returned.


Please be aware that VPN configs are for Blokada Plus and for encrypting all traffic sent from the device.

Blokada Cloud on the other hand allows to configure ad-blocking and to encrypt DNS traffic. This setup is available if you tap Blokada Cloud on the dashboard or through the side menu Blokada Cloud → setup.

You also have the native app with the recent Blokada v6 update that manages this for you, search Blokada on App Store to update manually if you didn’t see this version yet.

Sorry for the confusion, we will improve the web interface to make the distinction more clear in the future.

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Oh tks, now it’s clear :slight_smile:
Sorry about that!

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