Elevating app via adb

Hi folks,

Nice tool.

I’m in the process of setting up a new mobile.

  • Nokia 5.1 TA-1081
  • Android 10 - Android One
  • Think this might be rolling Treble

(both One & Treble are new experiences for me)

By & large this OS is very stock, which is absolutely great for me.
Typically the reason I’ve really needed to run root in the past has been to (side-)load a startup manager & ad-blocker, since it messes with /etc/hosts. I’ve tried the various VPN-based solutions, and that’s not really a good fit, due to the overhead & drain it introduces.
For disabling or removing unwanted bloatware (looking at you, Samsung!), I’ve learnt how to do so via adb shell:

adb shell pm list packages
adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 $PACKAGENAME
adb shell pm list packages -d

Is there a similar way to load the apk (Store is fine) and then via adb elevate the privileges or set the app to be a system app?

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There is no benefit to changing the app in the ways you mentioned, neither will make the app work any differently. It would be a pointless endeavour.