1. Where did you download Blokada from? Your website

  2. Which device do you use? Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 20
    Do you use a custom ROM? NO
    Do you know which OS version you are using? Android 10

  3. Please explain the issue as detailed as possible.

Blokada persistently disconnects, fails to connect, stops working and the “ad invaders” pour in.
Stoppages occur on carrier (AT&T) or on any WiFi.
This happens on my Galaxy Note 10 + & my newer Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
I have the latest version (4.7.3) for your product loaded, which is when this problem began.

  1. Since when are you facing this issue? The past 48 hours!
  2. Did you already try to solve the issue somehow? Checked all setting, restarted devices numerous times, deleted and relaoded YOUR product from YOUR website.

I also am subscribed to Blokada Plus, running version 4.7.3 of your software downloaded from your website.

This issue began Sunday evening/night and was fully discovered Monday morning!

If I turn Blokada Plus OFF, the issue seems to disappear.

I upgraded to version “5” and it appears that resolved the issues I was encountering.

Seeing i believing, so I’ll allow this run for 24 hours before I can say my issue has been remedied.

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Hi, welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Glad that it was solved with the v5, bare in mind it is still a beta version and might have other bugs or be missing some features you had in v4. To leave feedback about the beta, see:

Correct you are, sir.
The Beta began to misbehave.
I deleted it, installing the 4.73 version in it’s place.
So far, so good.
Actually, I understand why the beta had a different look, but the 4.73 version looks and performs better.

My 2¢ worth, less is more, don’t re-engineer the new version “just because”.

Regards, C

What exactly do you mean by “misbehave”? Could you leave some feedback in the feedback thread?
We’re not re-engineering the whole UI without a reason :slight_smile:
Maintaining multiple different UIs is just much more work.
Samsung devices are rather… Special right now due to their august system update. You can find a workaround here: Blokada won't activate

Misbehave, as in the darn thing just stopped working.

I don’t know why.

I’m not asking for help, as I’m happy with ver 4.73.

This event happened on BOTH Samsung devices: Note 10 Plus, and my newest debice: Note 20 Ultra.

The interface on 4.73 is much more responsive, simpler, all without lag or latency.

You folks have a great idea with your product.

I liked it so much, I bought the Plus product.
I didn’t need it, I just wanted to support you.
In fact, I rarely use the Plus feature, as I don’t do complex or complicated processes on my cell phones or tablets.

At any rate, I wish you continued success.

You’re free to do whatever you wish to do.
Don’t be surprised if that attitude chases paying customers or benefactors away.

Regards, C

Have you tried the workaround yet? As I said: The august system update is most likely causing the issues. Some folks of the german Blokada telegram group contacted Samsung about that and Samsung told them that they’d fix the issue with the next monthly update :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that? Is there anything you disliked so far? It would really help us if you could share your thoughts on the new UI over on the v5 thread since beta versions are always subject to change

Hey C:)
Any updates on your issue?
C ^^