Detection of Connected Network only with Location Services on Android

Hi community and, first of all, thank you for this software and these forums! Blokada really makes a difference in my daily user experience of my mobile devices!
My device specs follow below.

I am currently diving a bit deeper into the network features of Blokada 5 and want to customize the settings for my WiFi at home while using defaults for everything else. Until now, I noticed that activated location services are required so that Blokada can detect the currently connected network so that it shows up in the network list to be tuned.

Now my observation / question:
I tweaked the settings for my home-WiFi to use the ISP’s DNS servers and go to libre mode.
Via the connection details in the home tab (click on blocked ads etc.) I could see that Blokada only switches to these specified settings when the location settings are activated.

Is that correct? So, would I need to always have location services activated so that Blokada correclty switches network settings? My first assumption was that it would only be needed to discover the network at first so that it shows up in the list.

  • Android 10 (Motorola G8 Plus)
  • Blokada 5.18.0 via F-Droid

Thanks already for any reply and cheers,

Yes you are correct. Sadly this is how Android works, the location services permission is needed for us to get a network name.

Thank you for the quick reply and explanation!

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