Connection problems

These apps have connection problems with videos, they get stuck and keep buffering


I wanted to mention first that the screenshots you’ve shared are irrelevant to the issue you’re mentioning.

I’d recommend following the support posting guidelines so that I and the rest of the community can assist you better.

I have a few questions, if you don’t mind:

  • What version of Blokada 5 are you using?

  • I can see that you’re using Blokada 5, are you using Blokada Plus or just the free plan?

  • Are you losing connectivity completely? or is this just related to video content?

  • Are you losing connectivity with Wi-fi, mobile data, or both?

  • Since when did this issue start happening?

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Free Blokada 5, on Wi Fi, on videos mostly but sometimes pages won’t load, it happens for a while now, almost a month

Some networks are very restricted. Please try to activate the network DNS option for your network.

  1. In Blokada app, go to Advanced tab → Networks

  2. Tap your network name (you may need to give permissions to Blokada first on that screen, and reconnect to your network)

  3. Tap “Prefer network DNS”

This will make Blokada use your network’s DNS whenever your device is connected to this network. You will see the network icon become green when this configuration is applied.

Already enabled, and can you enable that option by default?

what do you mean ?

For the app to use the network DNS by default

Plesse don’t!
Using the network DNS leaks information which is contrary to the VPN purpose. So keep it an option.

For Blokada 6 this isn’t an option anyway as the filtering happens on the Blokada DNS if Iambnot mistaken.

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