Collection of suggested DoH DNS servers

Hello everyone,
We’d like to invite you to suggest DoH DNS Servers which also offer a Fallback server so we could potentially enhance our collection of recommended preset dns servers. If you like a suggestion (which should always include the actual webaddress of the dns servers and a source) feel free to like it.


Well I’m sure you know what I’m going to suggest after my post earlier :wink:

As I’ve already suggested in several posts… Freifunk Munich DNS.

Can we have DNS.WATCH? (for ios) also, where did all the other dns options go? there used to be a lot more. I have to use cloudflare dns because it’s the only one that works. Blokada DNS used to work but now it doesn’t work with anything anymore.



I wanna consider to use Cloudflares DNS Adresses for the familiy Part also over DoH.
This is already possible from Cloudflare side:

The adresses should be following.


As you can this, this is equivalent to the normal cloudflare dns feature. Only the last number is changing.

when are u guys gonna add…

Mullvad now has DoH servers:


What is a fallback server? As far as I can tell, Quad9 ( supports DoH but I don’t know if it meets your other criteria.
DoH with Quad9 DNS Servers | Quad9


I have Samsung A11 v10 with Blokada plus 5.10. installed. It does operate via wifi with Cloudflare installed at my cellular router for me.

There’s several based on location but I don’t know if it uses the right protocol for Blokada or not. I still think it’s weird how DOH doesn’t have a standard one.