Cancelling Account

It’s ridiculous that I purchased the app a few years ago and I was supposed to have “forever” access, but I noticed that I’ve been charged $5 a month for several months. That’s a scam and BS way to extract money from people – especially when I purchased the lifetime subscription. And, when I go to change subscription settings there is no “save” button to save my changes and cancel my subscription – so there is no way to even cancel the subscription on the app since the setting revert to charging my google pay account – even though Blokada is not listed as a subscription service on my Google Pay account.

Such a disappointing new route with this app. To go from something good and paid lifetime app to a Nigerian scam.

Please let me know how to cancel your now horrible app. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC over your billing practices.

There’s literally never been a blokada lifetime subscription. You might be confusing the service there. You might’ve singed up to blokada+ by mistake somewhere. Try logging into with your account ID and stop the auto renewal there if possible or via Google pay. If that’s not possible get in touch with and link this post there as well as your ID. The team will be with you as soon as possible and assist you with finding where, when and how you subscribed.

Otherwise I’m personally really looking forward into reading your FCC complaint one day regarding something blokada literally has never ever offered - trust me. I would’ve been among the first customers of that. xD I’d love a lifetime subscription although that wouldn’t really be financially viable to the team hence never existed in the first place



Your account was set on automatic renewal (now disabled) and it will be canceled automatically on the date mentioned on ticket #7134.

As @PrintableCharacter stated above Blokada has never offered a lifetime subscription so I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding.

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