Blokada v5.3 not block ads (Android 9)


I download it from blokada homepage.
I use Sony Xperia XZ Premium (Android 9). Not custom ROM.
It happens on both Wi-Fi and mobile deta.
It starts after I update to v5.3. v5.2.1 works great.
I try to clear cache and reinstall. But nothing had happen. I use v5.2.1 now.

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kazushi3… I filed the same problem in the Support section yesterday. Not a Sony (Winnovo T10 tablet) but using Android 9. My LG phone running Android 8.1.0 has no problem blocking ads using v.5.3… just Android 9 it would appear based on both of us having the same problem.

V.5.3 not blocking ads that v.5.2.1 blocks on tablet (Android 9)

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