Blokada Plus on PC or Blokada on Android with a 3rd party vpn

Hello! I want to use both Blokada and a VPN service at the same time, I have no problem paying for a VPN but buying one that only works on my phone is kind of pointless to me, since I’m going to have to buy one for my PC as well.
Is there a way to either use the Blokada Plus VPN on a Windows PC or add a 3rd party VPN service to the Blokada Android App?


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You can certainly use the Blokada Plus a.k.a Blokada “real” VPN tunnel service on your Windows and your phone simultaneously. In fact, we allow up to 5 devices on one subscription.

This article describes how to set this up:

Let me know if there’s any issues setting it up or if the instructions are unclear in any way.
Thanks for supporting Blokada by using Plus!

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Works perfectly with Linux and Windows!