Blokada Plus on KDE-Neon - How to?

Trying to make blokada vpn with wireguard work on Linux KDE-Neon. Wireguard installed. Someone mentioned under Debian the downloaded config file (unzipped) should be moved into /etc/wireguard/blokada.conf. Rename the the config file to /etc/wireguard/blokada.conf or create a folder named /etc/wireguard/blokada.conf and move it into there? I tried both without success. Whenever I issue command “wg-quick up blokada” I get:

[#] ip link add blokada type wireguard
[#] wg setconf blokada /dev/fd/63
Line unrecognized: `PK’
Configuration parsing error
[#] ip link delete dev blokada

resolvconf is installed.
Any help would be appreciated. TIA!

Have you already read this guide?

The Linux version of Wireguard doesn’t have a GUI. Whatever works under MS-Windows, does not work the same way under Linux. There is no Add button.

The Blokada config file must be made accessable to WireGuard somehow, and I suspect the way it’s done depends on the particular distribution used. After that some command(s) has to be issued on the CLI. Would someone with Linux knowlege please enlighten me? :wink:
BTW, KDE-Neon is based on Ubuntu.


I believe you made everything right except you forgot to uncompress the zip file to get the config inside.

install unzip and run that on the downloaded file, then move the config file that gets extracted instead :slight_smile:

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Works like a charm! Thank you so much!

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