Blokada is locking my cellphone

Unknown problem? Who can help or knows the reason?
In early September 2022, during a trip from Switzerland, overland to Greece and in Greece itself, my phone (Android.9) worked normally.
I have in CH (Switzerland) a subscription Swiss mobile light plus and additionally for abroad a Voice Travel 60 min package EU with rest of 50 min and a Data Travel 3 GB for EU.
I know that the cell phone does not work normally in non-EU Balkan countries
In Greece I got a message that I had only about 300/500 MB credit left from the original 3 GB data package, so I booked a new data package of 3 GB . The message came that this was available immediately. It was asked in which country I was. Since Greece is in the EU, this data package will probably be valid everywhere in the EU, including Croatia, Slovenia, Austria?
Swisscom support told me I could also call Switzerland from these non-EU Balkan countries, but it would be more expensive accordingly.

On the way home, last week I had a minor accident with the car in Albania. When I wanted to use my cell phone, nothing worked.
I couldn’t even make a phone call. When I tried, the red contact button was like grayed out and the contacts page kept disappearing after a few seconds. Also the Swisscom International hotline. When searching the internet it said I had no internet. (This was known to me). At the top of the display was only “Emergencies via Swisscom” It also went other not, but what, I have forgotten at the moment, eg I could not even send an SMS, without any error message! but my daughter in Switzerland did not receive this SMS.

In the meantime I had gone on to Croatia. Cell phone did not work here either.
When I wanted to check in Swisscom Cockpit via my laptop, which has no Swisscom data sim, whether I still had data credit, I was told that a code would be sent to my cell phone. But I never got the code, because the phone didn’t work and I couldn’t even get into the cockpit from my cell phone. Such nonsense

When I entered Switzerland this morning, coming from Austria, the phone suddenly worked again. Everything as if nothing had happened.

When I now, back in CH, look into the cockpit I have
Voice Travel 60 min. EU/Western Europe 50 min. left
and with the data package Data Travel 3 GB it says I still have 280.68 MB left, from first 3.00 GB package bar is displayed RED.
The newly purchased 3 GB data package, is not displayed in CH, I must first specify an EU country as a location.
Does anyone have an idea what happened there?
Do I have to reset/delete something in the cell phone to be on the safe side?

May 2023 Feedback
It’s been a long time, but the problem is “solved”.

I was in Spain a week ago and the same problem came up again.
Fortunately, my grandson who lives there is in the know.
He went to work on the phone and found that an app Blokada was locking the phone. Remove the app and the phone works properly again.

But why the phone worked correctly in Greece, despite Blokada, but not in all countries, except Switzerland, only the gods know.

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Hi ,

Thanks for sharing this, some networks are more restricted than others and there are networks that won’t allow you to use another DNS resolver.

In this case, I would recommend using the Network feature to use your Network’s DNS, you canuse it by going to your advanced tab → Networks → Click on the Network “name” → Click on Prefer Network DNS.

I hope this will help next time you encounter this issue.

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