Blokada for iOS is paid now?

This sounds like a bug. Could you please record a small video or screenshot when this happens?
Then PM me or send it to

Will it go back to being free in a couple of months or will it be like this forever

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Unfortunately, I needed a solution last night so found another app that costs $5 a year and it works fine. Pity, because that’s around $23 US annually which I would probably have paid. For me there was no way to see that. I wish I could help you with my glitch but I already set up the other app in my settings and deleted yours. But I can give you more details. I use an iPad Mini 6 running iOS 15.1. What happened was when you hit the activate button, maybe a cm of orange, just a small bit of bar really, would come up from the bottom and then go down again. I would try to drag it back up with my finger but it would just minimize the app window as it’s the same touch gesture. Hope that can at least help you to reproduce it.

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There does not seem to be any proper alternative to this new approach due to apple-sided ads framework changes

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All i see are releases for Android

That’s a great and realistic idea !

Thank you very much for the advice - we as normal users simply take the source code from blokada v5 and program our own Bokada during lunch break .

Thank you once again for making blokada payware without giving notice in advanced so I can use the source code now and program my own program and implement it in apple AppStore .

What’s easier than get apps in apple AppStore ?

Are you serious mate or are you making fun of us with your comment , it can not be called a advice .

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Yeah majority of blokada users had no problems at all as you can see in this forum BUT the evil and bad apple is the reason you have to make it payware :joy:

Yeah it’s Apples new Framework fault and you could do absolutely nothing .

I wonder how the other ablock apps keep working with the new apple framework and none has implanted any pay services .

Wow so the new framework is implemented in iOS 14.5 and we are now in iOS 15.1 so the so months the App was working perfectly for us but suddenly it does not ?!?

If you implemented the payware right with iOS 14.5 we might believe the story but now it sounds like a fairytale .

Tbh i had decreased ad blocking reliability after 14.6 and i’ve had many bugs in the app, but i don’t understand why there can’t be a v5 option built into the app

It took us months to come up with Blokada Cloud and make it stable enough to be put inside the app. Hence there were no updates since the apple framework changes

101% agree, it was’t knightly and civilized, I smoothy said now. I even was pushed in B-plus mode when I asked only for help bcs Blokada was “frozen, craahed, hucked…), it was my eeadon to call for explanation and help…Huh…Decent bot 1st wait for me and more decent live man on chat directly just saod Welcome to Blokada, like I am first time here and 2-3 years behind don’t count nobody, erased like smoked cigarette and sqeezed by boot…Ah…,and this morning I figure out what is it btw.

However, all the best to all, God bless & Cheers

I’ve… No clue what you’re trying to express. Could you please try rephrasing that?
The inapp blokada helpdesk is different to this forum. There’s no direct connection between the two

I’ve gone ahead and purchased the cloud version, hopefully it blocks twitch ads because thats the only thing i’m using it for.