Blocking ads in Snapchat

Hello guys:)

Anyone using Snapchat?
If so, could you please verify whether blocking these domains leads to ads being blocked in Snapchat (as this video sugests:

Are all other features stil accessible?
Does it need all three domains to block the ads?

Thanks you Force10, who shared these results with us via Telegram.


So this list will block all domains by Snapchat, so the ad-serving ones as well. You will just have to allow the domains that you need to make it work again:

-> Also check this article if you need help on allowing these domains.


Another user confirmed that the listed domains in the first post work and remove the ads in Snapchat:)


snap and tiktok ads in France are no longer blocked, does anyone have a way to block them?


Hey there:)
Did you search for regional lists online for example on Maybe they can help you further. Just check that the Blokada icon is present so that it’s compatible with the app:)

hi, it’s not a matter of Blokada not being active. Snapchat apparently has recently changed the way it serves ads and blocking these domains doesn’t get rid of the ads anymore.

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Did you try to add the list mentioned in the first comment (only possible if you are on v4)? Does that list block ads (well it will block everyrhing at first budt yoi could try whitelisting the domains)?
Did you already check the Activity log (Host log if your on v4) for other domains that might be serving these ads?

Looking forward to your report:)

I did add the list from the first reply, and figured out by trial and error which domains are required for essential features to work (which for me is sending and receiving messages and media, and viewing my friends’ stories), and found no way of blocking the ads without losing some of those basic features. I even managed to prevent friends’ stories from loading with ads still playing inbetween, but not the other way around.
as for other domains that aren’t on the list, it appears to connect to for example, but given that and are, as far as I can tell, required for the app to work properly, I assume that one is as well.

Okay, thank you very much for trying all of these steps:)!
This unfortunately really sounds like they changed the way they serve their ads…:confused: meaning Blokada cannot block them anymore. What a pity!
One possible solution would ba a wrapper for Snapchat then…

not really a feasible option, given that there’s no mobile website to build a wrapper for. and when it comes to third party or modified apps, Snapchat nips all of them in the bud (Casper, for example).

Hm that’s a pity… what will you do then:)?

Hey yo. Force10 here. @c_C found a new way albeit it ain’t all that different to block Snapchat ads. Here is the video

Enjoy your Ad-Free Snapchat.


EDIT : You still receive new Snap notification it doesn’t hinder the feature. Everything works good.


I tried blocking the list in the video, and the app didn’t work

Thank you! This updated list seems to have fixed the annoying ads! I have disabled a lot of other domains from snapchat as well, seems they updated their servers. Appreciate this and will try to spread it around as much as I can for other users.

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Idk man I only did what I showed in instructions and it works for me very much and comment below you said it works. I’ll update it when Snapchat decides to be jerk again and show ads.

Hey the video doesn’t play for me.

This method does not work for US located users, unfortunately. Thanks for your efforts though, if anybody finds out a viable way to do so for the US let me know!