Blockada+ Troubleshooting Troubles since the update

To directly help you the best way
5. Did you already try to solve the issue somehow? If so: please state what you did.

Ive pretty much gone through the entire process all the way to uninstalling/reinstalled. More than once. at this point it isnt clear to me if i can do much else.

Troubleshooting steps for the recent issues of “Blokada doesn’t block adds” and “Blokada active no internet access”.

Step 1)
Gather the data required for the form. It’s not a long list.
The device.
The OS version. Update.
Which Blokada product is having the trouble.
Verify VPN settings for Android.
Verify battery optimization for Android.
Verify that the product is up to date and confirm the settings that apply from the wifi.
Since I had android, I so needed to verify my settings in the sometimes with this program the internet can hiccup and turn everything backwards. This includes exporting a copy of the log to forawd to

My step 1…
Here’s what I now have on my Samsung galaxy A12… sma125u with android 11. Updated to current.
Blokada 5… downloaded and updated from 5.20.2 (direct from Blokada, not playstore.)
Wireguard version v1.0.20211029.

Step 2)
Search community forum for similar issue.
Attempt corrective action w/ settings.
Attempt troubleshooting steps found @talk.

Step 3)

Complete Uninstall and Reinstall of Blokada Service.


STEP 5) Ad Blocker Test

Step 6) Post results to share!

After taking the troubleshooting steps of full uninstall, post uninstall cleaner, reinstall. I now have 100% on the test service. When I checked activity tab I saw this…

This is on the device rather than the console. From both the device and the web based console I can also reach this screen that manages the addblock trackers.

Note I had them all running and was getting 100% on the tester, but the activity panel was still showing all kinds of Google based internet activity, which I mean
… it’s a Samsung phone laced with gasps. And I do use GAPPS so that reasonable until the background blocking makes something else not work. So at that point it is a process of killing out the items manually and looking at what changes on the activity screen.

It would be nice if someone would post a suggested list of " Not reccomend to block these" because it will break your apps. So I’m going to fiddle and see if I can figure it out.

On a completely seperate note. I want to set Wireshark back up, but I’m concerned that it was what broke down in the first place. I feel like when I first started using Blokada+ it was running Wireshark and Blokada 5 at the same time. If I have to choose 1 or the other… and do we not still have the cloud based service? I’m not clear on the technical bits, but I was under the impression that all of the network was being filtered through the blockada5 VPN. Is that process very different from what we had Wireshark available to run the second VPN? Maybe I’m not asking the question the right way… I understand we had an update that changed everything about how the plus service was able to function. Whats the reccomendation for this?

Did it change the Blokada VPN itself as well? I think I remember reading something about changes to the VPN somewhere.

So all the same settings as before minus Wireshark. I’m still having issues with blockada5.20.2 (plus account) set up as advised with it being the only VPN profile, set to always active. Removed from battery watch list.

Not sure completely what the problem is here. Sometimes it deactivates for no reason that I am aware of … unless it’s my phone hopping between service and wifi doing that. I did Uninstall all the VPN profiles in settings and any app who was trying to be active with a VPN.

Whats worse is that I’m also having trouble with the internet randomly blocking itself.

And even worse than that… been having issues with my plus account not remembering its a plus account. Also… in plus account… the device settings don’t always match what’s going on in the dashboard settings for the same device. Somehow the linkage or something ? I don’t know.

And after all of that. With several blocklists running… I still having to manually pick and choose things to block.
Oh. There it went. It just told me my account aint real again. So i screenshot that. And grabbed a copy of the current log.

Thanks for this report. please forward the log file to and mention this thread.

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