Blockada no longer blocking ads

Hi everyone. Running Blockada 5.15.0 on Android 12, Beta 4, downloaded directly from the Blockada.

I’ve been using Blockada for a long time now, but suddenly this week it stopped blocking ads. I have followed the steps on the main “What can I do if I still see some ads?” page and “Blockada doesn’t block ads at all”. Some of the advice seems to be for the previous version, but in general I think I followed.

I also searched a little bit and tried disabling the “Private DNS” in the phone as per another post.

Blockada’s main screen reads “Blocked 0 ads and trackers” and the last activity is from 24 hours ago. There are a few blocklists selected and active, in particular OISD, 1Hosts and d3Host. The VPN icon shows at the top of the screen, Blockada shows as Active.

Is there anything I could before trying a complete reinstall?


Hi there,
Here you go:

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Thank you @PrintableCharacter, that seems to be my issue as well. I have a Pixel 4a, running beta 4. I just noticed the issue, so I didn’t make the connection right away. I mostly use Vivaldi browser, which is very good at blocking ads and trackers by itself.

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