Blockada filter to block Windows Update

I use blokada on my android device. This android device provides internet to my laptop via wifi-Hotspot. Is it possible to block Windows-10 updates using blockada. Is there any filter available for ?

Blokada will most likely not check your hot-spot traffic.
This is due to most android devices routing hot-spot traffic around the vpn api

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In short: No.

The reason is simple: Android does not allow “tethered” connections to be messed with. It practically makes the hardware’s net connection directly available via USB tether or WIFI hotspot. As a logic consequence, no app on your Android can modify such a tethered connection… not even via blokada’s filtering functionality. Your laptop does not see or have access to that Android VPN. Instead, it sees the internet like your mobile’s hardware receives and forwards it – direct and unfiltered. The reason it works that way is “speed”. Almost every mobile devices tether/forward the hardware connection directly. (The ones who don’t are commonly not available to the general public, but “reseach devices” used – among other realms – in infosec.)

As an aside: you can use the hosts file on your laptop to lock down Win10 updates. In fact, you could even do so using the Win10 firewall itself (which would also allow you to lock down related IP ranges). But… I wholeheartedly advise you to not block updates for obvious security reasons. You don’t want to end up having a vulnerable laptop just because you decided to block CVE related updates and zero-day patches. As someone who juggles cybersecurity on a daily base, the idea of anyone blocking OS update channels runs shivers down my spine. :wink:

Hope that helps… stay safe.

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