Apps do not work when "block all connections not using VPN" is turned on

  1. Where did you download Blokada from?

Answer: F-Droid

  1. Which device do you use? Do you use a custom ROM? Do you know which OS version you are using?

Answer: RMX2170 Android 11 Stock ROM

  1. Please explain the issue as detailed as possible. Also include patterns you observed (like ‘it only happens on wifi’). The more information the better.

Answer: Apps do not connect to internet when Always on VPN is turned on along with block all connections not using VPN. I am using Blokada 5 inside a Shelter work profile. They connect to internet only when “block all connections…” is turned off.

Please don’t activate “block all connections not using VPN”

But I want to block apps that are not connected to the VPN. Don’t know why they dont appear to be connect to the VPN even though the vpn is connected and running.

If you enable that setting you cannot except apps from blokada anymore

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