Amazon firestick

Hi when are you gonna have this integrated for Amazon firestick???

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v4 is optimized for usage on Android TVs. v5 won’t be optimized for TVs.

A well-meant advice: Next time you post something maybe give a little more context and maybe make your request sound a little less demanding. Makes everyone more happy to answer you:)

Take that as never then

Please read the reply you received

Mine is on my fire stick. I don’t use plus though as I’m already logged into everything could track me ever while living in one of the least restrictive geolocations.

Sadly a forestick has a limited space that’s surprisingly small. Issues you may run into as a result are things like the list not being able to fully load. And the beta version of smart list actually left me, due to my viewing habits after first install, with a list of zero items.

Additionally there isn’t an actual exit button. This is a minor issue and not very noticeable to probably 99.9% of users who use the home button. But, alas, I have a dog with separation anxiety and have to use the CEC or whatever that makes my regular remote control the firebrick when on that HDMI channel. So if I open blokada I can’t actually get out of the app without unplugging it.

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