Ads in android imdb app

how can i install blokada not to have ads in android imdb app? see my screenshot.

Thanks for posting!

You can download Blokada 5 for free on our website:

i have it already, this does not answer my question…

How should we know what your question is from a screenshot without context. You have to provide more information.

That guy says that he doesn’t see apps in IMDb app with Blokada. So everything is fine! What’s the problem? If you still see ads you probably have to adjust the blocklists.

by blocklists, i see 3 groups: highlights active, all. i have no idea which one to use and which ?link in one of these groups to activate to stop these ads in imdb. by apps i clicked on imdb and now i see - bypassed, is this ok? i have blokada

If you bypass the IMDB App no ads will be blocked.

If it is not blocked by any of the lists you have to monitor the activity and block the domains manually by adding exeptions.

I just checked and it seems imbd is using the Amazon Adsystem. You could block everything relatated to Amazon if you don’t use anything from Amazon at all.
If you needs to access stuff from Amazon you have to disable domains selectively which might require a little bit of trial and error.

That is why i sent you this screenshot telling that it can be possible…not in my tel. Its complicated and prooves amazon is smart…can YOU block them with your knowledge on your devevice?if so, tell me why?

Well you wont get a step by step instructions from me and I also wont figure out what must be blocked to get rid of the ads for you.

Try to get familiar with Blokada and do it on your own. I gave you enough hints already where to look and what to do.

You dont reply my question- is this possble in your device? Your short description is not enough for me as i just dont know how to install it. Thats why i asked in this forum for help and you advise me finding solution by myself! as i said its complicated to block them and i notice i can not use your app and that is why i will delete it from my device…

I don’t know if it is possible. I quickly installed the imdb App and found that the ads are provided by amazon. Maybe they can be blocked by selectively adding exceptions if they are not blocked by any list.
Edit: Probably it is not possbile to block the ads as they are served over the same domains as the other content. Makes sense as imbd is owned by Amazon.

I gave you tips how to solve it but I can and will not do your work!

It is not my App this is a community forum. Everybody can help everyone. I tried to help you but I wont do everything. You have to get familiar with the Apps you install on your Phone. Also for someone asking for help I find your tone a bit aggressive.

Maybe you should provide more information what exactly you already tried to do on one hand you write that you don’t know how to install it (what?) on the other hand you threaten to uninstall my app.

Blokada uses blocklists which contains lists of domains that should be blocked. you have to choose the list on your own and if they are not sufficient for you you have to set up exceptions.

From my side there is not more to say have fun with getting familiar with Blokada. Bye!

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