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I am at the end of my trial and a question raised in my mind.

Because there is no login with a password, how secure is the account? If anyone can guess my account ID by try and error, this person may have access to my settings, whitelists and blacklists and may be able to manipulate it, right?

And if I a plus member, this person may also gain access to my VPN accounts and use them for maybe illegal stuff?

Or this person could just delete my account.

I did not fond any setting to secure the account settings with a password.

Did I miss something?

Thank you
The Doctor

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Hi there,
Let me demonstrate using math. Welcome to my math club. Feel free to contribute :stuck_out_tongue:
So: Every Blokada ID is a random combination of 12 letters.
There are 26 letters in the english alphabet.
All 12 positions can be filled with every of the 26 letters.
12^26 = 1.1447545997288E+28
So the chances of someone guessing or finding exactly your individual random combination is 1 in 1.1447545997288E+28.
These are quite some amazing odds for you and against them.

Let’s consider that they could find your unique ID.
What would the worst case scenario be for you?
We don’t log anything, we don’t show your payment method, account deletion isn’t offered on the dashboard either because… Well… It’s a random account ID. What should we delete? Nothing really personal like an email or stuff is connected to it. All that can happen is that someone turns on your automatic renewal and that’s it.
You’d spot these changes rather quickly and could contact us for us to return your money.
Let’s consider someone would use your Plus ID on his or her device.
Well… You can spot that easily on the dashboard as well and contact us. If they’d do something illegal, that’d be for us to deal with, not for you because we don’t have any contact information of you. And we wouldn’t notice or be able to trace that back anyway because we don’t log what you do.
I hope my math was correct, if it wasn’t @balboah will hit me on the head in no time.
Have an amazing day


Thank you for your quick answer. Yes you are absolutely right. Finding an ID for a specific prrson is very very near to impossible. Finding any paid account has a higher probability. Don’t ask me now what it is in combination: finding any and it’s mine. Chance may be quite low I guess.

Important to me is the support from your side and I feel much safer after your statement.



Another way to look at it:
Let’s say you can continue making 5 million requests per second to check for these accounts (kind of a lot of requests and would leave a pretty visible footprint), it would take roughly 73000000000000 years.

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I think one could say that someone would notice that one day

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