Paid for Blokada Plus with bitcoin, account still inactive

I’ve been a blokada plus user for a while now, today I tried to renew my subscription and paid for a annual membership with bitcoin in order to save by paying with crypto.

It has been several hours now, the transaction has been confirmed on the network, however my account is still not active. I did not receive any payment confirmation email either. I have contacted support but have heard nothing back. Can someone look into this for me? I can provide any info necessary to get this sorted out.

Yes we just got one report recently, we are looking into it. Your account will be extended by the time you loose waiting, please stay patient. If you could send you transaction id privately to, it’ll be easier for me to track this and let you know once it’s fixed.

Ok thanks, I got a reply to the support email. I’ll be in contact through there instead.

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