About Blacklist and Energized of Blokada

Im using Blokada 5, downloaded from Blokada.org. Photos of Taboola News from Samsung FREE can’t be seen using any of the two adblockers, either Blacklist or Energized.
Im using Android 10.

Y’all blocked camera Facebook messenger messages the ones I use lots please unblock

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The blocklists are not maintined bei Blokada. The blocked content is always subject to change by the actual maintainers of the lists. Also some may want to block some content but not other. I for instance want to block Facebook Messenger.

There are multiple options to improve the situation on your own. You can use a different blocklist. Some even come in different flavours which you can choose from.
Best however is to monitor the blocked domains with Blokada an set appropiate exception for the domains you don’t want to block or block additional domains which are not covered by your current list setup. There is a learning curve here but in the end you will be able to granularly adapt it to your needs.

About Blacklist and Energized, Solved. Thank you so much Developers.

If you’re using Blokada 5, you can solve this by going to the Advanced tab → Apps → Look for Facebook Messenger → Add to allowed.

I hope this helps,

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