Will you make Blokada Cloud and Blokada 6 open source projects?

I like Blokada Cloud and Blokada 6 for Android is wonderful news for me. But one of the most important reason why I decided to use Blokada was open source. Do you have any plan to make them open source?

Why is Blokada open source? | by Karol

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Thanks for the message! Yeah it’s going to be similar as it is now, the app is going to be open source. In fact I am developing Blokada 6 right now in public, the source is available in “v6” branch in our main repo on Github.

As to Blokada Cloud service itself, we are not planning to open source this as of yet. This service is our competitive advantage, and basically the only reason we can still afford to run this project day to day. Also, as a side note, since I wrote that article you linked (long ago), our source has been cloned several times with apps popping out on Google Play blatantly copying years of my work without contributing anything back. Not complaining, just take it at what it’s worth… :stuck_out_tongue:

We do plan to be bringing new features and improving Blokada in general though and hope you will like it!


Thank you Karol.
I’m very happy to see “6” branch on GitHub!

About Blokada Cloud, I agree with you. Team should be paid enough. But I still believe open source is important. For example, SimpleLogin is not free but open source. I don’t think you should make it open source as soon as possible but if you can, please open it someday.

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