VPN location Amsterdam Netherlands but some sites open in Swedish language

Overall i’m very pleased with Blokada plus. I use it on windows 10, OSX catalina en 2 android 10 phones.

I use the blokada plus DNS on my phones and Quad 9 DNS for my computers. The location is always ‘amsterdam’ so websites should open in my native language. I’ve confirmed my iplocation is amsterdam.

For some reason some websites open in the Swedish language. For example Google will sometimes open Swedish search-results. Also, some websites open in Swedish instead of Dutch. The problem seems to occur randomly. Most of the time Google search-results will work fine. All device have this problem.

(i use the latest blokada app 5.8 for android)

Hope someone has a clue to this problem
thanks in advance


How long have you experienced this? Would you say it’s true even when quad9 is chosen as dns?
Is it random as in on each refresh of a page or many times a day on the same device? Do you jump between different locations or always Amsterdam?
Do you have an example of a webpage which opens in Swedish translaton except google results?

The Amsterdam network is pretty fresh, meaning the geo location databases might not yet have properly pinpointed it. For a while, google showed Saudi Arabia.

The ISP and the company behind Blokada is also Swedish, this might be why they chose to fallback to Swedish.

Thank you for your reply

Because of the randomness of the problem it’s hard to exactly pinpoint the moment this started but with the update that uses blokada dns for plus.

I’ve checked de wireguard tunnels and they all use blokada DNS instead of the Quad9 DNS i’ve configured. i’ve tried creating a new config with Quad9. Wireguard shows DNS but browserleaks [] WoodyNet Netherlands, Amsterdam. So it seems i can not create a Quad9 DNS tunnel from my dashboard.

So i think it’s safe to assume the problem occurs when using blokada DNS

Regarding your other questions:

  • i change locations once or twice a week when needed. I also turn off blokada a few times a week.
  • The randomness is not with every page refresh. For instance it will happen just once in a surfingsession of 1 or 2 hours. Refreshing the page will not change the language.
  • The problem is occurring right now with https://www.microsoft.com/ which redirects to Microsoft - Official Home Page. (on macbook catalina with wireguard in chrome incognito tab)

I will now configure my mobile to use quad9 dns for testing.

Thanks for the update.
I don’t think it’s the DNS, if you use Frankfurt location for example it becomes German even with the Blokada DNS.

We will investigate what we can do about Amsterdam

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