Transfer Exception List from v5 to v6 Android

Hi there,

I would like to move from v5 to v6, however after installing v6 I see the Exception (Allowed) list is blank and I can’t seem to find a way to export/import or transfer them to the new v6.

Does anybody know of a way to do this?

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There is no way to do this automatically unfortunately.

You can however do it manually if you login to and navigate to Blokada Cloud → exceptions in the menu.
It’s also possible to use wildcards here such as *, might speed the process up a bit in case you have many exceptions for the same top level domain.

I see the Cloud feature is only available for paid subscriptions. I was on the free version. Understandable that such a feature would only be available to paying customer I guess.

Thank you for letting me know anyway. I will perhaps just for now monitor it and manually bring over some of the exceptions in my old list.

Yes, v6 is only available for Cloud and Plus subscribers.
You can read more about the differences here:

I find it hysterical that I had to come here to find the WORKAROUND to adding exceptions to 6. WHY is this not mentioned in the app?

Blokada 4 was not broken (other than the Plus VPN) , 5 and 6 are STRAIGHT downgrades.

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Adding exceptions is very easy in Blokada 6, just go to the activity tab and clicked on any allowed or blocked entry, and you have the option to add to “blocked” or “allowed”.

On the advanced tab, you’ll have all the exceptions regrouped there where you can consult and manage all the entries that you have added.

Of course Reda, it is NOT so easy when Blokada 6 refuses to display a log :wink:. It was FAR easier to add an exception (blocked or allowed) manually in Blokada 4 than having to search a log hoping to find what you want to add an exception for.

If you have issues with the app, please share logs.

When activity log does work, you will see the most recent entries at the top of the list. You can use the search feature, you don’t have to scroll the list manually searching. If you still want to add the entries manually without using the acitivity log, you can use the web dashboard to do this for now.

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