The new is released

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce we have just released a full redesign of our homepage,

We hope you will find it much cleaner and easier to use. It should also look good on all devices, from mobile screens, to desktop.


At the same time, we finally made the homepage support all the languages of our community. It will detect your browser language, and you can easily switch any language in the top navigation bar (here it is EN = english):

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 13.30.55

You may also link directly to a translated version of the website, like this:

(this is for the German version)


We also reworked the download section. I hope finding the right version of the app is going to be easier now:

As usual, let me know what you think, or if you find any problems!


It will be better to see version of the application. For example: Blokada 5.4.0 instead Blokada 5.

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In my opinion it’s a nice redesign of the website. Great work! Also thank for your work for the app.

But I have a question. Is it easily possible to host the font yourself? In my opinion it would be great as then everything will be loaded from your domain and not from a domain which is owned by Google.


Huge +1 on this:)!

Complaint: broke your keybase.proof