Tasker command not working


Ik new to blokada and tasker but the blokada5 on/off command doesn’t appear to be working as intended.

If I create a task that only has on or off as a command, it doesn’t work. However if I combine the command with opening the blokada app, it does work. Launching the app can be done either before or after the on/off command.

I want blokada to turn off when I connect to my home wifi.

The above works when manually turning WiFi on and off. It might not work 100% reliably if the screen has been off for some time. Haven’t been able to fully test this yet but when I came home today blokada didn’t turn off. I disabled bany battery saving options for tasker.

I’m using a pixel 6.


The devs are working on it. You can join the conversation here

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