Show which application initiated the request in Activity pane

I miss the feature in Blokada which AdGuard had where you can see which application initiated the connection request so that I can block the connection request/ad very easily if certain ads aren’t blocked.


Hello :wave:

While I agree this feature would make a lot of sense, it is not technically feasible to show exactly which app on the device that made a particular request.

On iOS it is prohibited to monitor and check for what apps are installed due to privacy reasons. I believe Android is also improving privacy in this area.
Resolving which app that made a particular request hasn’t even been available in the public Android API ever and requires linux black magic to accomplish.

For these reasons, we don’t deem this exact feature to be something that we can support reliably. Additionally with the recent Blokada Cloud service included from Blokada v6, we don’t even run the filtering mechanism on the device itself :slight_smile:

However, what we do have on our list of things is to have more generic information about which company that are associated with a particular entry that shows up in the activity feed.
A simple example would be that it’s probably Google who owns :stuck_out_tongue:


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