Refund issue

Blokada v6 did not offer me a trial version to check how it’s adblocking capabilities were. The website stated that there was a 7 day time window during which refunds are processed. Despite this app being the most expensive of them all( for eg, Adguard offers a lifetime license for the same price as you folks do a single year license), it didn’t work any better at adblocking. For eg, I tinkered multiple times but couldn’t get something simple as blocking ads in official Imdb app.

If all this app does is change the DNS servers, then why should I pay for it? I paid in the hope that it’s adblocking capabilities would be a tier above the rest but they are not.

I then mailed two of your support addresses only to get no response. So basically, an expensive app that offers no trial version, has no support email and will immediately remove this post from their forums for criticising them. I won’t be surprised if Blokada itself at this point was malware/Spyware and it’s VPN service just a tunnel for spying on user’s traffic.

Users would probably be much safer downloading random apk’s from random websites than paying for a thieving corporation like you.

I think I can understand why you are angry and frustrated, the accusations especially in the last part are in my opinion not justified.

As why blocking ads imdb is not as simple as you might think you can find more information here.
Amazon owns IMDb and they serve the advertising content over the same domains as the normal content. This makes it hard to avoid the adverts if filtering is domain based.

Note I am just a Blokada user and not affiliated with the project.

I know Imdb ads are very tough to block and basically modded versions of Imdb are better in case someone wants to do that.

But Blokada makes such huge claims about it’s ‘cloud based’ blocking technology that the customer has to expect something groundbreaking. When you are asking for a year MORE THAN what YouTube Premium costs, and still deliver something that can be achieved by just changing DNS level settings, you are fooling the user.

I think Blokada devs are relying on the business model that since other system wide adblocking tools require root or need to be sideloaded either manually or via F Droid; they think that being the only player on the ‘Play Store’, they can get away with any shenanigans like setting an outrageous price, not offering trials, not replying to support emails.

Hey @kirk781 ,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry if have caused any inconvenience.

I’m not sure what you mean because these statements are not true.

  • We do offer a 7-day trial with Blokada Cloud
  • We answer all emails within a 24-hour window unless it requires an escalation to the dev team, then we let you know that it’s escalated and it will require a delay
  • Blokada Cloud is less than 2$ month (20$ per year)

Again I understand your frustration and hope I can help in any way, can you please follow the posting guidelines for the support section and clearly explain your issue?

  1. Where did you download Blokada from?
  2. Which device do you use? Do you use a custom ROM? Do you know which OS version you are using?
  3. Please explain the issue as detailed as possible. Also include patterns you observed (like ‘it only happens on wifi’). The more information the better.
  4. Since when are you facing this issue?
  5. Did you already try to solve the issue somehow? If so: please state what you did.

I wasn’t eligible for the 7 day trial despite not using Blokada v6, so it doesn’t stand for me.

Blokada’s one year subscription is as expensive as Adguard’s LIFETIME one or more expensive than Spotify’s YEARLY plan. It might not be that way in the US but bigger companies often index their pricing via PPP of any given country(so Spotify or YouTube’s price won’t just be US price multiplied by given exchange rate) which you clearly didn’t do.