Language issue

Hi. In a computermagazine I read about blokada. So I start to try it because I get tired of all the things that the big sites put on my devices. But my problem is that my knowledge of the English language is very simple. So about settings and other things in the app I really do not understand it. A ottion is change language and I did but that option is not complete. Maybe a few words on the main page but that’s it. I really want to use this app as much as I can but I’m always afraid to change a setting because I’m scared to do something wrong. Is there a kind of solution for this. When you people read this topic you will think that that my English is great but I am sure, it in not. Grtz, Youto.

Have you tried changing the language?

Open blokada v5, tap on settings and choose another language

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Hi. Yes. I did but it changes only a few words or items but not everything. I suppose it is just the beginning of translation and it cost a lot of time and knowledge. For sure google translate is a bad option. The way they translate is very funny but for the base is okee but when you seriously see how Google translate it is a shame for such a company.

We do not use automatic translators. Our translations are community made and hosted over at crowdin. Feel free to contribute:

Additionally: Which language is that flawed? Maybe we can figure something out