iPhone 8 iOS 14.4 Blokada issue with game kill shot bravo

Thank all who are Blokada really good .
Everything is good only one thing when Blokada is blocking at these points it will give screen likel!

and it will take longer than actual ad and if I hit
OK it boots out of game that’s it. I’ve also used DNS manual .15.15
And does same thing .I’ve used Blokada on android 3years ago and perfect beautiful,but that same return to game screen would happen but when I hit OK it went back into game. Thanks I’m really interested in this ,anything I will or can learn will be from Blokada and if anything I can do to help Blokada is how I would like to pay for what I’ve already received really thanks again to all :slight_smile:

Not sure where to post this!
Solved this issue, I uninstalled Blokada, then reset WiFi modem/router changed user name & password reinstalled Blokada and bang no more issue:-) thanks

… Fascinating :sweat_smile:
I’m sorry that we couldn’t assist you any sooner. The iOS community is still rather small but slowly growing

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