Instagram connection problems

Videos in the Instagram app won’t play

Duplicate of your own other post: YouTube Revanced connection problems

Blokada uses blocklists. Based on which ones you enable YouTube or Instagram might be blocked. You can solve this by either disabling a certain blocklist or whitelisting YouTube and Instagram.

Edit: Just found that the support template is not asking about the Blokada version. Maybe it makes sense to include this.

You mean that I should contact the adblock filter developers? I did once and they said that Blokada developers don’t update the filters

No either disable the list blocking it or add exceptions in Blokada. I think version 5 also has the possibility to log what it is blocking and what not. If there are blocks related to Instagram or YouTube you should be able to block and allow domains in the Blokada App. This overrides the filters.

In Blokada 5 it should also be possible to exempt Apps from the filtering instead of individual domains.

Blokada is not using the filter lists directly. They are updated from time to time.

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