How to use quick whitelist actions in Blokada v2

Blokada 2.2 added a very useful quick actions menu to help you efficiently manage your whitelist. You can easily whitelist and un-whitelist all installed or system apps with one tap. You can also restore your filters to default configuration in case you messed it up too much. Note that it also resets the blacklist.

Here is a video that demonstrates the quick actions menu available in the Whitelist section.

Keep in mind a few things while using this feature in it’s early release:

  • Not every app will immediately act properly after being whitelisted. In some rare cases you may need to kill and restart that app.
  • App whitelisting is only supported by the optimised blocking mechanism (at least in 2.1). If you are using standard blocking, you’ll see a message telling you app whitelisting is ignored.
  • Your comments on already existing items will disappear if you re-add them using quick actions.