[Feature Request] Toggle for whitelisting future installed apps

I’ve set up Blokada on someone’s phone that isn’t tech savvy to only block ads in their browser. I’d like a setting to not automatically add future installed apps to the block list.

I want the user to be able to install apps in the future and not have to worry about whether or not they need to whitelist them for proper functionality.

That’s the standard.
Every app you install is automatically being filtered.
Turning this off would miss the point of Blokada

It wouldn’t defeat the point. Having a toggle for future app monitoring would be better for those who don’t want to experiment with apps that may not even need it on to begin with and may break functionality of those apps.

There’s other adblocking alternatives to Blokada that have this implemented.

Hey there:)
I see your point.
I guess people would be irritated by Blokada not blocking ads in new games they installed as they already forgot that they enabled this switch some month ago…

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You can whitelist app’s here :arrow_down: