How to enable VPN in WSA?

Sideloading Blokada 5 is easy and works seamlessly for WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android).
However how can I activate the Blokada VPN in the settings?
Usually it should show up in the VPN list in settings but this is not the case in WSA.

If anyone knows a solution I’d be grateful.


For your use case I would recommend trying out our new Blokada Cloud service.
It’s included in the Blokada Plus subscription.

Together with WireGuard for connecting to the Blokada Plus VPN, you will have the full Blokada experience without involving any Android subsystems.

Read more here:

Set it up here:

Thanks for the reply. Not sure what you mean by “For your use case”.
I do not want to block ads in Windows apps. I explicitly want to block ads in Android apps running on Windows. (And yes this is a valid use case).
Is your suggestion for my described scenario?

This isn’t an officially supported use case.
Unfortunately I don’t know how this subsystem works or if the VPN feature is supported at all.

Perhaps someone from the community has a better answer :slight_smile:

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