Happy mod showing ads

The Happymod app is showing ads

I guess the reason is the same as for the other Apps not working. So did you try one of the recommendations?

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Which recommendations are you referring to?

Just look at the responses to his previous posts!

Yes I did and it’s the same

First, I guess it is you, so can you please stop flagging all my posts as spam. Because they aren’t. Actually I think your behaviour is not really appropriate as you are opening a lot of topics which are related. Yes topics are closed after 7 days but there is always the possibility to ask admins to reopen a topic if it is still not resolved.

Regarding your question. If an app is still showing ads then the ad domains are not in any list you have activated. So you can check if it works with any of the lists which are currently not active. If there are still adds coming through you have to monitor the domains which are accessed during your usage of the App in question and add them manually as an exception. This worked perfectly for me when I was using Blokada 5 and still works perfectly with Blokada 6.

Edit: The same goes for the other way. If some things don’t work you have to check which list is responsible for the blocking of e.g. Videos. Then you can disable that list or add an exception to allow the domains serving the content in question.

Hi @Fannste94

We’ve noticed your concerns regarding different apps still showing ads even when Blokada is active. Here’s a summary of the previous replies:

  1. Blocklists and their effects: Blokada utilizes various blocklists, which might inadvertently block certain apps depending on the lists you’ve enabled.
  2. Solutions for blocking & unblocking:
    • Adjusting blocklists: Consider toggling specific blocklists on or off that might be causing the issue.
    • Adjusting filters: Use the activity view to identify and adjust the domains related to the apps in question, add them to your custom blocked or allowed exception list.
    • Exempting Apps: Consider exempting entire apps from filtering.

A note on ad blocking efficiency

Please be aware that it’s challenging to block 100% of ads, especially as advertisers constantly find new ways to display them. Blokada aims to provide a balance between effective ad-blocking and app functionality, there will be instances where some ads slip through.

Forum guidelines

To keep our discussions focused and organized, please avoid creating multiple posts on similar issues. Instead, use existing threads or reach out to me directly if you believe an old thread should be re-opened.

Thank you for understanding and for your active participation in our community.